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Item #: AWG22BX
#22 Gauge Painted Spool Wire
Box of 10
In Stock
6.0 lbs.
This 1/2 lb. spool of wire is 4 inches long and 1-1/4 inches in diameter. The soft annealed wire is evenly wound back and forth to fill the spool. The end knobs of the spool prevent the wire from sliding off each end. This spool fits perfectly into your hand, the Kelco 102 Wreath Machine or KMG1 Garland Machine.

Spool wire (florist wire) is well fitted for jobs like making wreaths, bows, or other decorations. Its' softness allows it to easily be wrapped or twisted and to stay put when pulled tightly. It has many uses when preparing Christmas decorations.

Bright wire is good for most uses and cost about 10% less, but will rust easier than green wire. Green wire will not show as easily on greenery projects. Dark wire is the most economical and is of the same strength and quality as the bright but was darkened in the annealing process.

Wire size is determined by several factors:
1. The coarseness of the greens
2. The strength of the wreath maker
3. Whether the work is being done by hand or machine
4. Varying methods of production

General rules to follow
1.#26 - A very fine wire used only with care for those finer wrapping tasks.
2. #24 - To be used by not overly strong workers, lighter greens, use on the Kelco 102 Wreath machine or KMG1 Garland machine, making bows or wiring pine cones.
3.#23 - For use by medium strength workers, coarse greens and on K102 wreath machine.
4. #22 - For use by very strong workers, coarse greens or boughs, very large bows and generally heavy duty work (it can also be used with lighter greens requiring less wraps, therefore using less wire and labor).