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Item #:TP226BE


1. General Information
2. Packing List
3. Assembly Instructions
4. Operating Instructions
5. Maintenance
6. Warranty
7. Parts List


The purpose of this manual is to assist the operator in assembling, operating, and maintaining the Kelco Big Easy. Read it carefully. It furnishes information and instructions that will help you achieve years of dependable performance. The information in this manual was current at time of printing. Due to possible engineering changes your machine may vary slightly in detail. KELCO Industries reserves the right to design and change the machine as may be necessary without notification.


2 ea. Halves of Big Easy
8 ea. Carriage Bolts
8 ea. Lockwashers
8 ea. Nuts
2 ea. Stainless Steel Joining Brackets
8 ea. Studs
8 ea. Nuts


1. Remove both halves of TP226BE from the carton.
2. Remove the four carriage bolts from each half.
3. Remove the four nuts and studs from each stainless joining bracket.
4. Position each half so that the holes line up in the joining brackets. Insert the studs, put nuts in place and tighten (using a 3/8 inch wrench).
5. Place TP226 Packager; ring side down, on the floor.
6. Using a measuring tape, on the inside face of the packager, measure 18 inches up from the lower lip of each of the six sides and make a mark. Position TP266BE on the top of the packager with joining brackets above the three carriage bolts on each side of the packager. Adjust TP226BE so that it fits as level as possible with you six marks.
7. Through each of the eight holes in the TP226BE mark the packager for drilling. Using an oversized drill bit, make a hole at each of your eight marks.
8. Insert the 3/8 inch x 1 � inch carriage bolts loosely in each of the eight holes, with the heads to the inside. Put the lockwasher and nuts in place and tighten, (using a 9/16 inch wrench).


The Kelco Big Easy is an attachment to your current 26 inch Tree Packager. This attachment makes it capable of netting a tree upto 12 feet in length.


Cleaning the inside of packager with a solution of 5 to 1 water/ammonia mixture after season is all that is required for proper maintenance of your big easy.


Your Kelco product is sent to you directly from our factory. If you should have any problems that can not be resolved with your machine by the enclosed literature, call us at 1-800-343-4057. If it cannot be corrected we will send you a replacement.


There are no additional parts required or available at this time.