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1. General Information
2. Packing List
3. Assembly Instructions
4. Operating Instructions
5. Maintenance
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The purpose of this manual is to assist the operator in assembling, operating, and maintaining the Kelco Bow Machine. Read it carefully. It furnishes information and instructions that will help you achieve years of dependable performance.

The information in this manual was current at time of printing. Due to possible engineering changes your machine may vary slightly in detail. KELCO Industries reserves the right to design and change the machine as may be necessary without notification.


1 ea.Base plate with ribbon shelf
1 ea.Adjustable Tail Guide (6 � inch) in place
1 ea.Adjustable Tail Guide (1 � inch) in place
1 ea.Rotor Base
1 ea.Cam Post
1 ea.Adjustable Bow Post
1 ea.Adjustable Center Post (1 � inch) in place
1 ea.Ribbon Roller/Wire Holder
4 ea.Ribbon Guide Bars (10 � inch)
1 ea.Side Plate (second ribbon attachment)
1 ea.Set of Instructions


1.Screw Adjustable Bow Post (A) (leaving the nut attached) into one of the threaded holes at one end of Rotor Base (B), as shown in Figure 1. Tighten only finger tight.
2. Remove the cotter pin, washer, and spring from Cam Post (C). Insert Cam Post (C) into the non-threaded hole located at the opposite end of Rotor Base (B) from Adjustable Bow Post (A) as shown in Figure 1. Replace, in order; spring, washer, followed by the cotter pin, through the same hole from which it was removed. Fold the ears of the cotter pin around Cam Post (C).
3. With back and forth twisting motion, press the Bow Rotor Assembly (D) into Rotor Support (F) as shown in Figure 1.
4. Insert the four Ribbon Guides (E) through the four holes on Ribbon Shelf (G) and into holes below.
5. Insert the Ribbon Roller/Wire Holder (H) into center hole of Ribbon Shelf (G).
6. For Second Ribbon Attachment (not pictured), remove the two forward Ribbon Guides (E). Slide Second Ribbon Attachment into place on Ribbon Shelf (G) and reinsert forward Ribbon Guides (E).

K102 Wreath Machine


Make sure that the handle at the top of Cam Post (C) points to the right, away from Ribbon Shelf (G).
1. Position yourself in front of the Bow Machine so it looks like the one in Figure 1.
2.Position Adjustable Bow Post (A), Adjustable Center Guide (I) and Adjustable Tail Guide (J) so they are in corresponding positions.
3.Place a roll of ribbon on Ribbon Holder (H) so ribbon comes off the roll on the far side of roll, away from you. Pass the end of the ribbon through Ribbon Guide (E) behind the top half of Adjustable Bow Post (A) and around the bottom half of Cam Post (C). Place the end through Tail Holder (K). Line the end of the ribbon up with the short Adjustable Tail Guide (J) to insure that both tails are of equal length. Your Kelco Bow Machine should match figure 2.
4.Hold Cam Post (C) handle and rotate the entire Rotor Assembly (D) clockwise. Be sure to turn the entire assembly, do not just twist Cam Post (C) handle inward. The ribbon should rest on top of the guides on both the Adjustable Bow Post (A) and Cam Post (C). Turn Rotor Assembly (D) two (2) complete revolutions to make a bow with four (4) loops or turn Rotor Assembly (D) three (3) complete revolutions to make a bow with six (6) loops.
5. Remove the tail of the bow from the Tail Holder (K). Reach from the top down through the center to grasp the center most ribbon to pull it up so all the ribbon is even. Leave the tail hanging out from underneath.
6.Directly over Adjustable Center Guide (I), make two short cuts approximately � inch long through all layers of the bow, one cut from the top down, the other from the bottom up. This will allow the bow to open better.
7.Using the Adjustable Center Guide (I), find the center of the bow, wrap a piece of cut wire 12 to 18 inches long tightly around the center of the bow once or twice and twist the ends around each other on the side facing you. See Figures 3a and 3b.
8.To hide wire, pull small fold of ribbon (about 2 inch) from the spool past the wire you just wrapped around. Wrap one end of wire once more around the bow and the fold of ribbon and twist both ends of wire together again on the side facing you. See figures 3c and 3d.
9.Cut the bow's second tail at a slant at long Adjustable Tail Guide (J). Twist the Cam Post (C) handle inward until it points to the left, this releases tension on the bow which may now be removed.
10.Fluff the bow loops and straighten the tails and your bow is finished.


Once a month, spray small amount of WD-40 on Rotor Base (B) and Rotor Support (F). This will ensure smooth operation of your machine.


Your Kelco product is sent to you directly from our factory. If you should have any problems that can not be resolved with your machine by the enclosed literature, call us at 1-800-343-4057. If it cannot be corrected, we will send you a new machine.

SPECIAL NOTES The Ribbon Roller (H) makes a convenient place to keep your pre-cut wire (we recommend the 18 inch green #AWSG24BX) and your most used ribbon.

Different kinds of bows can be made on the Kelco Bow Machine by using two different sized ribbons. Try using a #9 ribbon over a #40 ribbon (each a different color).

It takes between 52' and 110' of ribbon per bow depending upon the size and number of loops you make.

The Kelco Bow Machine uses #9 through #100 sized ribbon. The #40 ribbon works best.


KMB1-ARibbon Attachment
KMB1-RRotor Base
KMB1-THTail Holder (2)
KMB1-RRRibbon Roller
KMB1-RGRibbon Guides (set of 4)
KMB1-ACAdjustable Tails & Center
KMB1-CBCam Post & Bow Post