Item #: KKC03
Centerpiece Kit Oblong (Rectangular)
Package of 6
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4 lbs


This kit includes:

  • 12 red 10" tapered candles
  • 6 bases
  • 12 candle cups

You can make six lovely centerpieces by adding your own greens, decorations, and bows.

The following is what we recommend:

Cut greens to the desired length, and remove any needles from the ends or the floral foam may break. Place your floral foam so that it sits flat in the base. You may moisten this before or after the insertion of greens for freshness and added moisture. Insert candle cups where desired. Insert a piece of greenery into each of the ends to determine the length of the finished piece. Working from the bottom up, insert greens one layer at a time. You will do this three or four times depending on how full you want the centerpiece. Add candles and decorate as desired.