Item #: KKC02
Advent Wreath Kit
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7 lbs


This kit includes:

  • 6 candle sets
  • 24 candle cups
  • 6 centerpiece rings
  • 1 roll of green wire


Centerpiece will be made in the same manner as a single faced wreath. Best results will be obtained if greens are cut approximately six inches in lengh to make up the greens bunches. Start applying the first bundle of greens midway between any two candle cup pins. Continue around the entire circle until the starting place has been reached and then finish off the wreath. Place the four candle cups over the pins and carefully adjust them until the candles are upright. If the centerpiece is placed on a dish, water may be added. This will moisten the hay and help keep the greens fresh. The candles may be removed and the base placed in the refrigerator to extend the life of the centerpiece.