Item #: BXW22
Wreath Carton for 22" Wreaths Tan
Package of 25
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28 lbs


This plain, side-loading wreath carton is tan in color with the word "perishable" written in green across the front. It is great for the thinner, single-faced wreath. When shipping to those who want to decorate their own wreath, simply set your decorations in the center of your wreath and then slide into box. When your customer receives their wreath, they can decorate as they like.

When choosing a box sized to fit your wreath you may want to choose one that is slightly smaller than the outside dimension of your wreath. (Example: for a 22" outside diameter wreath you may want to use the (18" x 4" x 18" carton.) This keeps your wreath from moving inside the box damaging needles or decorations.