Item #: BKPM
Floral Stemming / Pick Machine
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15 lbs


This machine is used to a attach a metal pick to your pre-wired decorations. It is great for holly berries, bows, and pinecones--and more. Pre-wire and pick your decorations at your leisure and be ready to placed them on your wreaths during the season. The steel picks come in several lengths, from 1-3/4" to 4-1/2". Simply place the wire on the steel pick, push the handle back and the decoration is ready to attach. Push handle forward to set next pick into place.

Steel picks can be found as these item numbers:

BK134 (1-3/4" long)

BK218 (2-1/8" long)

BK300 (3" long)

BK412 (4-1/2" long)