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Clamp Frame Door Arch 36"
Package of 10
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The door arch frame is made with 2 straight 28" lengths of wire placed 3/4" apart and joined with horseshoe shaped clamps welded 3" apart along the complete length. This makes a flat base, which is both strong and ideal for clamping greens. The are painted for better appearance and to reduce problems associated with rusting. They are easy to use and require less greens that other methods.

This double wire construction adds strength and stability to your finished product. The only things needed to make a clamp-on arch are a clamp-on machine, the frames and greens.

The greens should be formed into uniform sized bunches. When a bunch is placed on one clamp and clamped tight, the stems should extend into the next clamp to be filled, this will add to the wreath stability. The clamps should be filled and clamped tight in succession around the ring until finished. After all clamps are full, the ending places can be hidden with a few small greens with sharpened stems inserted carefully into place.

These shapes are designed for single faced use only. Any type of greens, fine or coarse, may be used or any type of dried flowers, vines or twigs.

The largest dimension of each finished shape will be 8" to 12" larger than the size of the wire shape.