Item #: AHDS12
12" Soft Touch Wreath Rings
Package of 25
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9 lbs


This soft touch double rail clamp-on ring is a great product. No machinery is required to use it, simply pinch the clamps around the wreath material with your fingers.

This ring is made up of two wire rings, one 1-1/2" larger than the other joined together by clamps welded three inches apart around the full circle. This forms a flat 3/4" wide base which you can easily clamp on greens or dried materials. The clamps used are of soft wire which can be easily bent around the greens to hold them tightly in place.

To assemble the wreath, you should make uniform sized bunches of the material to be used. Place a bunch in the clamp having the stems extend to the next clamp, bend the clamp tightly around the material. Repeat until all clamps are used. If the finished product doesn't look quite the way you would like, it is very easy to take it apart and do it over.

The ring is great for a single faced wreath, but by using two rings a double faced wreath may be made.