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Single Rail Clamp Ring Sample Kit
Package of 50
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17 lbs


This kit contains 10 each of of the 8", 10", 12", 14" and 16" unpainted single rail clamp-on rings.

Each steel wire ring is butt-welded and has wire horseshoe clamps welded around the ring at three inch intervals. The wire gauge increases for the larger diameter rings for strength. The clamps are larger for the larger sized rings.

Clamp rings are the most widely used in this country. They are easy to use and use less evergreen material than most other methods. The uniform size and number of clamps per ring create uniformity in construction. Although the ring is more costly than a crimped ring, the savings in labor and greens will more than offset this cost.

The only things needed are a clamp machine, rings and greens. The greens should be formed into uniform sized bunches. When a bunch is placed on one clamp and clamped tight, the stems should extend into the next clamp to be filled, this adds stability. The clamps should be filled and clamped tight in succession around the ring until finished.