Item #: AH002
Clamp-On Wreath Machine One-Step
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This manual wreath making machine is an excellent choice for those who want expert results from the start.

The One-Step Clamp Machine consists of two steel jaws that are offset from each other. A handle is connected to the steel jaws by an adjustable metal rod.

A wreath is made by inserting a clamp ring clamp between the jaws of the machine. Any material, fresh or dry, is placed into the clamp, and then the handle is depressed. The jaws close the clamp tightly onto the material and secure it to the ring. This procedure is continued until the wreathmaker has completed the wreath.

The Kelco One-Step Wreath Machine fits perfectly in our Clamp-On Machine Table (Item# AH002T). The table is made of sturdy metal and designed much like that of our K102 Wreath Machine. If desired, the Clamp-On Machine can be adapted to your own table.