Item #: AH00
Clamp-On Wreath Machine Standard
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10 lbs


The original design clamp-on wreath making machine. This unit consists of two steel jaws that are set facing each other. The jaws are connected to a foot pedal by an adjustable metal rod.

The unit bolts to your own table or work bench. It can be adjusted for different table heights with the foot pedal mounting to the floor.

A clamp-on wreath ring is set into the open jaws of the machine and material of your choosing is placed into the clamp. A simple step on the foot pedal closes the clamp around the material which secures it to the ring. This procedure is continued until the wreath is completed.

The Kelco Clamp-On Machine Table may be used with this machine. The table is made of sturdy metal and designed much like that of our K102 Wreath Machine.