Item #: AD01
Double Ring Sample Kit
Package of 30
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8 lbs


This package contains 5 each of the following 8",10",12",14", 16"and 18". These rings are constructed of two wire rings; the outside is of a larger diameter than the inner ring. They are welded together with crossbars forming a wide, flat, round frame that is strong, rigid and an ideal base for making high quality wreaths.

Double rail rings are an excellent choice with their flat ridge base; makes placing and forming the greens very simple and fast. Bulkier greens are easily used, and less scrap will result. Inexperienced workers will become experts in short order. The saving in time and greens quickly offsets the added cost. The increased width as sizes get larger widens the finished face to more favorable dimensions and the structural strength holds their shape and makes hanging simpler.

These rings are great for making any type of wire wrapped wreath. The wide face gives excellent stability so that any greens, either fine or coarse, may be used and works equally well for single, double, or full-faced wreaths.