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36" Wide Double Rail Clamp Ring
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These rings are great because they can be shipped via UPS or RPS and are ready to assemble. They are constructed of two wire rings, one 1 1/2" larger than the other. The rings are joined together with clamps welded three inches apart around the full circle. This forms a flat 3/4" wide base which is easy to clamp greens or dried materials to. Two of these completed rings, one 8" in diameter smaller than the other are joined together to form a wide face double rail, double wide clamp ring. This ring is then cut into three sections and joining plates are welded into place. The result is a three-piece ring which can easily be shipped and reassembled for use. This wide ring will allow you to make a large wreath with a 10" to 14" face.

A clamp machine is needed in order to use these rings. The greens should be formed into uniform sized bunches. When a bunch is placed on one clamp and clamped tight the stems should extend into the next clamp to be filled; this will add to the wreath's stability. The clamps should be filled and clamped tight in succession around the ring until finished.